By giving a monthly donation you can help us continue our vital support to people with learning disabilities living in and around Herefordshire.

Regular monthly donations help us plan because we know what income to expect month in and month out.

£2 a month will help provide materials for Clever Betsy, our Craft Group, where they have fun and learn new skills such as how to make unicorns !

£5 a month will buy a lady friend for our cockerel Foghorn Leghorn and feed her for a year. Looking after chickens at our Eaton Barn Community Garden is a regular and therapeutic activity and gives our participants a chance to be responsible care givers as well as receivers of care.

£10 a month will pay for support for the actors at our About Face Theatre Company when they are invited to perform their original and professional shows at events across the country.

These keen actors love theatre, friendship, being creative and, of course, performing. As well as being fun, our work is educational and helps build confidence and life skills.

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Echo Herefordshire

ECHO is an independent,  Herefordshire-based charity with 230 members and over 150 volunteers. Our main office is in Leominster but our projects run in many different community based venues.

In 2020 we proudly celebrated 30 years of making a difference to the lives of disabled people in the county.

Most of our activities are suitable for people with moderate or severe learning difficulties, but we will try to support anyone who wishes to take part in our activities, including those with mental health difficulties and physical or sensory impairments.

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